elisa marchegiani:
post production,
photo editing and pre-press.

Digital photography “development”.

Just like in the past with the darkroom, digital photography also needs its development for conveying on the media that will use it. In fact, often what seems perfect in studio might not be on a magazine, a poster or on photographic paper.
The need to adapt a photo processing the image for the press or the web, respecting it just like the photographer imagined it, it’s at the basis of my job.
I am specialized in digital assistance, post-production, photo editing and pre-press, mainly in Rome even if the internet allows me to collaborate always more frequently with Milan, New York, Berlin, London

I have worked with the photographers:

Alessandro Dobici | Fabrizio Ferri | Ben Toms | Michael Avedon | Yvan Fabing | Wayne Maser | Sean and Seng | Stefano Pedretti | Pierpaolo Ferrari | Mika Ceron | Mario Gomez | Laura Sciacovelli | Bruna Rotunno | Pamela Hanson | Daniele Fiore | Leo Siboni | Suzie Cuvelier | Tony Kelly | Daniele Testa | Spencer Heyfron | Sonia Maccari | Vincenzo Valente | Andrea Massari | Ilaria Magliocchetti Lombi | Kalina Pulit | Erik Madigan Heck | Alan Gelati | Ronan Gallagher | Riccardo Bagnoli | Mariano Vivanco | Jason Kim | Emanuela Scarpa | Andrea Miconi | Riccardo Tinelli | Sam Bisso | Fabrizio Cestari | Francesca Marino | Mattia Zoppellaro | Charlie Brierley | Matias Indjic | Fabrizio Cestari | Joanna Patterson | Txema Yeste | Francesca Marino | Clara Vannucci | Martina Scorcucchi

With MaglioneABK, Diazo stills&motion, Allucinazione, Contents Production, Ki Film, Mascioni Associati, Discovery, Publicis, Mandala Creative Production, Map Studio for post-production of advertising images.